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The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky can put your gifts, small and large, to work in local programs and projects that provide opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Community leaders in education, housing, culture, health care, economic development and the environment working together with local people to build an endowment of community assets ensure that grants are always available to support the work of charitable organizations and institutions. That means your gifts build and strengthen your community, today, tomorrow, and forever.

Gifts to the community foundation positively affect Albany and Clinton County’s economic development, support faith-based programs, strengthen initiatives for a cleaner environment, preserve historic resources, enhance education programs, assist with overall health and wellness and much more.

Community foundations build endowment funds that grow and benefit our community, forever. Our community foundation provides a simple way to fulfill multiple charitable interests, with low-cost administration while delivering personalized donor services with flexible options. We can accept a WIDE VARIETY OF ASSETS offering maximum tax advantages, including ENDOW KENTUCKY TAX CREDIT, for every situation. 

The first community foundation was founded in 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio. Today, they are one of the fastest growing forms of philanthropy in the nation. Donors are able to establish funds for ca
uses and programs they care most about in their own community. Giving to and through the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky is a one-stop, easy way to be philanthropic. We are a tax-exempt, public charity allowing you to support emerging community needs or to establish a separate, permanent fund within a well-established larger foundation. Donors who work with the foundation find that we add value through our flexibility, expertise about the community, staff and administrative assistance.

You can m
ake gifts to the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky or establish a fund using a variety of different assets. We are set up to accept cash and stock as well as a variety of more sophisticated and complex gifts, including closely held stock and real estate. We encourage donors to help us build a permanent savings account for Perry County by making a gift to the endowment. The foundation makes grants from this fund that respond to immediate community needs and opportunities. Donors may also make gifts to establish their own named fund through the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky.

WE RELY ON YOU to help us make our local and surrounding communities a better place. The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky is a public charity. We accomplish our mission through the generous financial support of our friends and associates. We are a qualified 501(c) (3) organization. Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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